Are you a child of the Nineties? You might have been born in the 1990's, but do you know what it was to be a true Nineties kid? Let's see! Here are 10 ways to tell if you're a true child of the '90s:

1) You exclusively ate Lunchables, Ring Pops, Dunkaroos, and drank Squeeze-Its.
Every '90s child will remember all of the '90s food synonymous with that decade. Not only did we eat Lunchables of varying types, but we also drank Squeeze-Its and ate the best selection of '90s snacks, including Dunkaroos, Gushers, and Fruit By The Foot. Not too bad considering they're all a variation on sugar.

2) Captain Planet was your hero (along with the Animaniacs, Doug, The Rugrats, and Hey Arnold!).
Not only was Captain Planet the hero to the environment back in the '90s, he was also your personal hero, along with characters from prominent '90s shows including Arnold from Hey Arnold!, Doug from Doug, and Tommy from the Rugrats. Chances are if you're a true child of the '90s you probably still watch some of your favorite cartoons from the era.

3) Sonic and Mario were LIFE.
Everyone knew of the two most popular video games of the '80s/'90s - Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega and Mario from Nintendo. While Mario technically came out in 1983, he was still considered a huge gaming icon for kids in the '90s. Many people who are still avid gamers today got involved with gaming because of these two amazing '90s era game characters.

4)You had to have a Sony Walkman or Discman for portable tunes.
Although Sony Walkman was released in the 1980s they were still prominent in the 1990s - that is, until the Sony Discman was released. Either way, if you wanted to have portable tunes those options were today's iPod.

5) You remember the '90s toy collection craze.
You remember needing to 'catch 'em all', whether it be Pokemon cards or Beanie Babies. Collecting things was a big trend of the '90s. From Pokemon cards to Beanie Babies to Polly Pockets and more, a '90s kid had to collect them ALL.

6) You can still recite Hanson and Spice Girl lyrics word for word.
Songs of the '90s were upbeat, catchy, and vibrant and thus hard to forget. Groups like Ace of Base, Hanson, and the Spice Girls all profited off of an era where catchy pop music was the fad. Still to this day I remember the lyrics to 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls.

7) The ultimate insult was 'As If' or 'Talk to the Hand'.
In the '90s, you were totally dissed if someone said 'As If' or 'Talk to the Hand'. Like, you should go home and cry in shame if you got the hand, dude.

8) You remember renting movies from a video store...on VHS.
It doesn't seem like that long ago but in reality, technology has moved things along rapidly for our generation. Back before there were streaming services and the internet, there were video rental stores. Where they once flourished with several video stores in each part of town, these stores still exist but only few and far between. Back in the day, if you wanted to see a movie, you'd have to rent it from a video store...on VHS tape. Yes, you had to rent a giant tape that had a huge 'Be Kind, Please Rewind' sticker on the front in order to view your favorite flick. Man, kids these days don't understand the struggle of waiting for a tape to rewind because the last guy forgot too.

9) AOL was the internet.
The sweet sound of 'You've Got Mail' echoing over the computer speakers excited the young and old alike in the '90s! Anybody who was anybody had to have America Online. Then came AOL instant messenger and just like that a new craze was born...

10) Lisa Frank reigned supreme.
From stickers to notebooks to trapper keepers, Lisa Frank was everywhere. Everything had to be Lisa Frank. Though kids demanded Lisa Frank supplies, I know the adults secretly dug the amazing shining artwork on art supplies fad as well - my mom bought her own Lisa Frank materials to keep from stealing mine!